eating sushi in India :: days 4 and 5 :: monkeys & touristing

January 10, 2019 - Okay, I’ve gotten a little behind on the blog, but my Instagram stories are more or less up to date.

Most days, I get up early for yoga but I get to sleep in on Fridays since my assigned practice time is 8:15am.

It turns out that 8am is prime time for catching these guys.

Up until today, I hadn’t seen a monkey.

Up until today, I hadn’t seen a monkey.



Today, I decided to get down to the business of what I call touristing - going places, seeing things, and generally just getting out and about beyond Gokulam, the neighborhood where I’m staying. It turns out this is pretty easy to do. I downloaded Ola (it’s like Uber or Lyft), and ordered up an auto rickshaw. I visited the rail museum and a local supermarket, mostly because they were close by and if the whole Ola app thing didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be stranded too far from familiar territory.

Proof of adventurous touristing below.

I won’t lie - the rail museum was hella boring (sorry, train fans) but for the entrance fee of about US $1, I suppose all there is to say is that you get what you pay for.


On Saturday I made a few changes to my routine. First, I decided to get around by car instead of auto rickshaw. I told myself that I don’t have to be a martyr to the Lonely Planet or Globe Trekker travel style. It’s hot and dusty here, and a 15-minute drive in an open air rickshaw isn’t exactly comfortable. Rickshaws are less expensive than cars, yes, but for perspective, the car rides I took on Saturday cost about US $1.50 each.

Today’s touristing was better. I started out with a no-brainer, and visited St. Philomena’s Cathedral. This was a lot of church.


I got to the cathedral just as school was ending for the day. (I guess school is 6 days a week, and Saturdays are a half-day.) I was sitting on some stairs, and apparently that was enough to be approached by quite a few students. Young ones asked me my name; older kids wanted to know my name and to take a selfie. I’m not entirely sure why, but whatever. I promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those people who would photograph local kids and all that. (20-something me probably would have. 40-something me isn’t into it.)

After the cathedral, I tried the veggie pizza at The Old House and got serious about souvenir shopping at Fabindia. (Yes, it was fab.) I like that I’m getting a little more confident finding my way around the city. Small victories and all…

This was my first sort of bigger excursion to an unfamiliar part of Mysore. Super cute spot, right?

This was my first sort of bigger excursion to an unfamiliar part of Mysore. Super cute spot, right?

1 // lake chelan

My view for a couple of days this week is pretty spectacular. 

view of lake chelan :: chelan, washington

view of lake chelan :: chelan, washington

 What: The view from my room at Campbell's Resort.

Where: Chelan (pronounced ShayLAHN), which is about halfway between Spokane and Seattle.

When: Just after 8am on Tuesday morning

Why: I took a few snapshots from my deck while I was waiting for my presentation to finish saving and uploading. I'm here for a work conference. 

So I learned a few things about Washington. It's pronounced SpoCAN, not SpoCANE. As for Gonzaga, think zigzag - it's not Gon-zaaah-ga" or "Gon-zay-ga." Also, the Grand Coulee Dam is big.