eating sushi in india :: day 14 :: skipping class, shopping and beer

The title pretty much sums up the day. I did go to yoga. I’m scheduled to start at 6am, which translates to 5:45am “shala time,” and actually means I start practicing sometime around 7am. During the wait, I listen to an audio book. Wearing headphones probably makes me seem unfriendly or unapproachable, but it makes the wait a lot more bearable. I might get a travel mug and start bringing hot tea or coffee, too.

My yoga practice is good. I’m still doing the primary series with dropbacks, with the occasional adjustment from one of the three or four assistants and usually one from Sharmila. Don’t let the word “primary” fool you. Just because it’s called the primary series, it is never easy. It is, after nearly 6 or so years of regular practice, pretty familiar to me, and that’s a big deal when practicing in an unfamiliar room, with new people in a new place. My favorite part is that I’m getting the chance to revisit dropbacks and work on them with a bit. Having a variety of new people help me do them keeps it different and interesting each day. It’s been fun. Most of the students getting direct instruction are beginners just learning the primary series; a few are getting lengthy lectures about doing the intermediate series far too soon, and about the importance of learning to practice safely.

The rest of the day was pretty low key. I skipped chanting (again), and headed to Depth ‘N Green for chai and the most glorious egg and cheese sandwich. From there, I decided I was comfortable enough with the area to explore on foot, so I checked out one of the many shops selling oils, malas, scarves and other gifts. Ended up having a cup of saffron tea (amazing) and having a long, long chat with the shopkeeper. I bought a couple of sandalwood bracelets. Then I checked out Sayoga, a shop designed to cater to customers like, well, me: visiting Mysore to practice yoga, and maybe needed some stuff - mat, clothes, and that kind of thing. The way it was laid out reminded me a bit Anthropologie - cute, seemingly random things in random places but somehow felt cohesive and organized.

After that, I checked out the Pelican Pub and Grub House Restaurant. (Get the chili pork and cheese naan.) It was an odd place, for two reasons. First, the walls were covered in posters with inspirational quotes. Jack Handey quotes would’ve blended right in. Second, there’s a section for “mixed groups,” meaning women and any group with both men and women. (I guess there’s a section for men only. Or gents only, as it’s noted.) I had a beer and a read for a bit. (I’m currently reading American Sniper, by Chris Kyle.)

That was my Monday. Pretty low key, but still nice. I still have a lot I want to see.- the sandalwood oil factory, the silk factory, Chamundi Hill and the Nandi Temple.

I think I’ll start sharing my one favorite photo from each day, as a way to end each post.

Favorite photo of the day - January 14, 2019.  Mall beads at Sayoga. I’m such a magpie when I shop, making a beeline for the shiny, pretty things.

Favorite photo of the day - January 14, 2019. Mall beads at Sayoga. I’m such a magpie when I shop, making a beeline for the shiny, pretty things.