the best way to know yourself

As I write this, it's 6:30 am. Normally at this time I'm on my mat, getting my yoga practice underway, but not today. I woke up tired and cranky. I'll regret skipping practice, I'm sure, at some point later today. When i don't practice, I like to reserve my mornings for something creative or quiet. More often than not, I journal but for today, I'll change it up and write here. 

Years ago, as part of a yoga teacher training program, I wrote some essays about meditation and detachment. One was about the idea of practicing detachment by spending time without a phone. (I just reread it and, yes, it's pretty terrible. I don't know what Marc and Rebecca, the superb, unparalleled teachers of said program, did to deserve the chore of reading my homework.) 

Though my writing isn't much to speak of, the ideas I wrote about have stuck with me. I've noticed them in so much of my reading lately. This article about spending an hour a day without a phone is one that caught my attention. This thought in particular stuck out to me. 

"Even if we don’t adhere to traditional prayer books—most of us don’t these days—the same dynamic, intense focus followed by distraction followed by insight into the stirrings of our unconscious, is key. It’s how many ancient forms of meditation work, and the best way, still, to begin and know ourselves." 

Meditation: It never hurts, it always helps, it's free, and is still the best way to find and know yourself. 

maine :: september 2016 

maine :: september 2016