Me on my 44th birthday, in case those candles didn't give that away. Photographed by  Erinn Powers , November 2015.  Thanks, EKP!

Me on my 44th birthday, in case those candles didn't give that away. Photographed by Erinn Powers, November 2015. Thanks, EKP!

Let's be friends, yes? 

About this blog

This is a bare bones piece of Internet real estate. Were you hoping for a fancy backstory, tagline, theme, catchy title, logo, or branding? If so, I hope you're not terribly disappointed because you'll find none of that here. 

I think it's funny I've established a blog at all because back in 2014, I pared down my online presence to make space for quiet in my life. I gave up Twitter. I tried Snapchat - twice - and decided that I just couldn't be bothered with it. I still hang around on Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook but I'm just not into them like I once was. Every now and then I'll empty my entire feedreader. If I really enjoyed reading a blog that much and if they're worth my time, I'll find it again.

By dramatically cleaning my "online house," I realized that blogs - the ones that are more or less personal journals - were the first thing I'd start collecting. I've exchanged emails with quite a few inspiring, cool people that I wouldn't ever have known if it weren't for their online presence. It's what I wanted having pen pals to be like. (Yes, I'm old enough to remember what pen pals are. I even had a few when I was a kid.) Making new Internet friends is still fun to me and I want to be open to that. So, I've carved out this spot for myself on the Internet for that and to practice the creative things I like to dabble in. Maybe starting a blog to practice writing and photography and sharing is considered hopelessly old-fashioned. Even if it is, I'm doing it anyway. 

The design and layout are perhaps little too fancy and over the top for my needs, but it could be said that I'm often a little too fancy and over the top in most situations.